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6 Free Fat Release Tips

This one’s on me.


“I am not longer looking at weight-loss injections and plastic surgery to “fix me” as I have for so many years. This was $ well spent in my journey to wellness, the diet industry will miss me!”

-Maria Scigliano

“The work I have done in this course has transformed the way I think, act and feel about my body. Charmaine walks the talk; she is the real deal and walks you through every step of the way like a dear friend you’ve known for years.”

-Glenda K


Do you want Freedom and Fat Loss for Life?

Did you know that 98% of dieters gain back all the weight they lost within a year of finishing the diet?

Getting the body you want is about more than just changing the food you eat and chasing after another diet plan.

Curious to learn a little more?
Get complimentary access to my 3 part video series that teaches you 3 little known fat loss techniques that have nothing to do with diet or exercise!

If you want to go deeper and dramatically transform your relationship to your body and have peace around food then make sure to check out my 21 Day Peaceful Eating for Weight Loss that is designed to allow you to ditch weight once and for all without struggle and dieting.

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6 Free Fat Release Tips