Hi! I’m Charmaine and I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. Can you relate?

My Struggle

I struggled for 20 years with my weight and body-image, an experience that can only be described as a rollercoaster on and off of every diet and fad I could get my hands on! I watched the scale fluctuate between 127 and 197 lbs many times, which made me feel like a human yo-yo and left me totally frustrated, embarrassed, and uncomfortable in my own skin.

My ultimate goals were to be at peace with my body and to maintain my natural healthy weight. I was tired of the empty promises and frustrations that come with the disappointing weight loss “solutions” available. Have you tried any of these quick fixes and been left more overweight and frustrated than before you started?

My Big Discovery

My big A-HA moment happened when I realized I was searching for the keys to long term weight loss in the wrong places. There was never going to be a Perfect Diet to end all Diets. The moment I became 100% certain that diets would never “fix me” I started seeking the answers inside myself. Thank goodness I did! The result of my efforts is a set of simple tools that I used to achieve my dream body and life, without dieting. I have been living my best life in my best body ever since!

I learned that you have to dig deep if you really want to find freedom and fat loss for life. Like I mentioned above, I am now living at my healthiest and happiest weight (5’6 and hovering right around 145lbs). For the record, I don’t weigh myself much anymore, because I know the number on the scale doesn’t matter nearly as much as the way my body looks, feels and performs. I LOVE my body and myself, and I feel amazing!

How my years of trial and error can help you!

I am excited to share my tools with you and help you end your own war with food, and start seeing your body as your friend! I have taken hundreds of clients through this process in my Diet Dropout Online Coaching with life-changing results. Now it’s your turn! I swear that there are no diets, magic pills, procedures, endless exercise, or empty promises here!

It sounds good, right? But who the heck am I and why should you listen to me?
I am a Mom, a Fitness Coach, a retired elite Snowboard Athlete (who was overweight most of my athletic career!), an Emotional Eating Expert and a self-proclaimed Foodie. I was nearly paralyzed in a snowboarding accident at the peak of my competitive career and fought against the odds to recover and live my best life. If you want to learn more about my journey, feel free to read my full story.

Otherwise, let’s get focused on what kind of life you want to live and what kind of body you want to live it in! I’m dedicated to helping you learn to love yourself from the inside out and create the life and body of your dreams. To get started and see what I’m all about, read 6 Free Fat Loss Tips that have nothing to do with dieting. It includes actions you can take TODAY that have NOTHING to do with dieting to lose weight.

You are in charge of your own destiny – Seize this opportunity to change your life today!

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““I believe I have run out words to describe the effect you’ve had on all of us. Below are a few comments form parents and students:
“I loved the way she talked about “Passion”
“She is amazing”
“It was very inspirational”
“I loved what she said about not living your life in fear”
And the list goes on and on” ~Bindiya S

“After taking Charmaine’s program I am no longer looking at Dr. Bernstein and plastic surgery to “fix me” as I have for so many years. This was $ well spent in my journey to wellness, the diet industry will miss me!” ~ Maria


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