I love living my best life in my best body and empowering others to do the same.

As a Kinesiologist, former Canadian National Team Snowboarder, and past fitness competitor, I personally understand the uphill battle of injury recovery and the importance of fitness as the foundation of a healthy life.

A new passion in helping people improve their lives through fitness, lifestyle, and mindset transformations.

In 2009, while training for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, I suffered a devastating snowboarding injury that nearly left me paralyzed. My Olympic dream was gone in the blink of an eye after eight years of dedication. Instead of claiming my spot on the Canadian Olympic Halfpipe team, I found myself learning how to walk (and even poop!) again. Despite permanent nerve damage throughout my lower body, I fought through frustration and physical barriers to get back on my snowboard and back to living my best life. I still have daily challenges due to my permanent nerve damage but I continually work on strengthening my weaknesses so I can live an amazing life!

Today, I own and operate two Wellness studios in Calgary, Canada as well as a  thriving online coaching business where  I help women overcome challenges with weight, food, and mindset on the road to living their best lives in their best bodies.

I enjoy all the hats I wear, including being a mom to a beautiful daughter, a wife to an incredible husband, and an entrepreneur who is constantly looking for ways to help people live better lives. I am an eternal optimist and live life to the fullest, taking full responsibility for my own happiness. Let me show you how you can live your best life in your best body starting today!