Nutrition Tips from Real People

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I believe that true and lasting change for most of us has to come by adding in nutritional tips that work for us slowly and surely until we have created a way of eating and living that feels easy and joyful to maintain. Have you ever felt like people that can eat healthy and live in healthy bodies are different than you somehow? Well I want to say, they aren't, they have just adopted habits that are sustainable and fit joyfully into their lives! Below are some of the nutritional tips that our clients collectively shared last week and they are AMAZING. If you are looking for real nutrition advice from real people that walk the talk everyday and then definitely take a read and pick 1 or 2 to implement this week. Remember, information is only helpful in changing your life once you put it into practice. The tips: I'm finding I'm craving less if I let myself enjoy a small piece of cake or half a cookie instead of telling myself I'm not allowed to have that! ‪I cut up and prepare my vegetables as much as possible as soon as I bring them home (like making zucchini noodles, cutting broccoli and cauliflower into pieces) so I’m more likely to use them when I’m tired When I meal plan in advance for the week I tend to stay on [...]

A Lighter Today

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          A Lighter Today   Written over a period of weeks in August 2018 For the past year and coming to a peak this Spring (2018) I have been many variations of anxious, depressed, restless, lonely, extremely uncomfortable with being with myself and many emotions in between.   I kept a journal during this time and some of my exact words as transcribed from my journey from May 2018-July 2018 include:   “I feel a persistent need to do and be more. Nothing I do is ever enough.” “I look forward to evenings when I can allow myself to relax and enjoy relaxing.” “Sleep is a welcome reprieve from the torture of my mind, when I fall asleep I get a break from myself.” “I feel a conflict with all the things I could be doing right now when what I really crave is rest.” “I am in pain. I see why some people resort to cutting themselves, drugs, drinking excessively as an alternative to feeling the inner turmoil.” “It’s hard to get up, I feel like staying in bed all day.” “Everything feels like a chore, EVERYTHING.” “I feel very uneasy and anxious most of the time.” “I have a hard time being alone with myself.” “I am not happy with how I show up with Kennedy, I feel anxious around her and so [...]

How to recover quickly from a poor food choice

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"Do you ever find yourself doing things that you know aren't awesome for you but do them anyway?" Ahhhh, I LOVE this topic!! I created a quick and powerful  training video for you this morning that gives you the best way to recover from a poor food choice so that it doesn't derail your day. You can use this tip in other areas too! Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions by emailing charmaine@loveyourwaylight.com One poor choice does not have to catapult you into downward spiral so make sure to watch to find out the kindest and easiest way out of the spiral!! Committed to your success, Charmaine Your Love Your Way Light coach PS.Do you want more goodness from me everyday? Make sure to follow me on instagram, this is where I post my best stuff! PPS. If you are you so done with calorie counting and shaming your body and are ready for a super Loving approach, click here to find out about my Love Your Way Light Transformation Package, it has the power to absolutely change your life and body for good while eating exactly what you want!!

How to Ditch Your Inner Critic

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Do a thought experiment with me. Think about the last time you intended to do something new or out of your comfort zone, and you decided NOT to do it. Maybe you pulled out of skydiving last minute, or you were all signed up for an exercise class you weren’t sure about and decided not to go. Maybe you thought you would make a career change but didn’t quit your job. Or maybe it was smaller – you thought you would wear your sexy new dress to your anniversary date night and changed right before you left. What stopped you? When we run into situations like this, it often feels like an invisible force is pressing against us, telling us no. If we listen a little harder, we can hear exactly what that voice saying. This voice is your inner mean girl, or your inner critic. It pops up a lot when we’re about to do something new. I came into contact with my inner critic while I was a fitness instructor (ironically trying to boost my clients' self-esteem), and have made great strides in stopping her mid-sentence whenever she pops up to say something belittling to me. Today I want to talk about how you can tap into what she’s saying and what to do about her. What does the inner critic say? It’s different for everyone. I’m going to focus [...]

Is Mindful Eating for You?

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Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Sometimes we don’t think of it this way when we’re determined to lose weight, because we’re laser-focused on seeing results when we stand on the scale. When we’re in this frame of mind, we treat any negative feelings we have as just “part of the necessary struggle” towards weight loss. Negative feelings surrounding food include: Feeling guilty after you eat, feeling out of control when you eat (like you would be better off if someone else was making your food decisions), feeling stressed out at the thought of your next meal, eating to curb boredom, anxiety, frustration, or sadness, or “numbing out” when you eat (eating without thinking about what you’re eating). If this is you, I want to help you get to the bottom of this, because you’re not alone! I struggled with my relationship with food for my whole life. Even as a kid, I was already thinking about my weight and how I wasn’t good enough. I ended my war with food and my body using primarily one technique: Mindful eating. Before you think I’m trying to sell you yet another “too-good-to-be-true” solution that doesn’t work, mindful eating is not that. It’s one element of a whole new way of approaching your meals, your body, and your mindset. If done properly, mindful eating is a jumping-off point that trickles [...]

Why Distracted Eating is Making You Fat

By | May 25th, 2017|Blog|

Have you ever finished a meal and felt stuffed but not satisfied? You know the feeling – bloated, kind of sick, lethargic, but also like you’re still missing something? If so, you are not alone! Usually when we do this, it leads to all sorts of regretful feelings– “Why did I grab that last slice?”, “Why did I force myself to eat those last four bites?” – and feelings of guilt – “Oh my god, I’m trying to be healthy right now, why did I do this to myself?” and “I don’t have any willpower or self-control!” It’s frustrating because we KNOW that eating four giant slices of greasy pizza isn’t good for us. Distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy food isn’t rocket science, and we are well aware when we are sabotaging ourselves, sometimes even mid-bite. But when we turn to the Diet Industry for help, we get some version of the same solution. All diets generally tell us this: You just need a strict set of rules, special meal plans, injections, or supplements to lose weight. The problem before was that you hadn’t found THIS diet. This time, you’re on the right track, as long as you don’t screw it up. When we find this new Diet to End All Diets, we’re filled with urgency and a new powerful motivation to be better this time. This new diet looks sleek, [...]

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