Nutrition Tips from Real People

I believe that true and lasting change for most of us has to come by adding in nutritional tips that work for us slowly and surely until we have created a way of eating and living that feels easy and joyful to maintain. Have you ever felt like people that can eat healthy and live in healthy bodies are different than you somehow? Well I want to say, they aren't, they have just adopted habits that are sustainable and fit joyfully into their lives! Below are some of the nutritional tips that our clients collectively shared last week and they are AMAZING. If you are looking for real nutrition advice from real people that walk the talk everyday and then definitely take a read and pick 1 or 2 to implement this week. Remember, information is only helpful in changing your life once you put it into practice. The tips: I'm finding I'm craving less if I let myself enjoy a small piece of cake or half a cookie instead of telling myself I'm not allowed to have that! ‪I cut up and prepare my vegetables as much as possible as soon as I bring them home (like making zucchini noodles, cutting broccoli and cauliflower into pieces) so I’m more likely to use them when I’m tired When I meal plan in advance for the week I tend to stay on [...]