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Most people start with the Peaceful Eating for Weight loss program which sets the foundation for a peaceful and sustainable journey to a healthy, fit body! Learn more about this program by clicking here or by reading on below!

Peaceful Eating for Weight Loss

Discover peace with food & cultivate love for your body. Experience joyful and long-term weight loss without dieting or deprivation.

Welcome to Peaceful Eating for Weight Loss, my 6-week  program designed to help you achieve a common desire many of us have when it comes to food and our bodies: peace. If you describe your relationship with food and your body as a battle or war, this is the peaceful resolution you’re looking for.

This program helps you:

• Grow a sense of peace around food
• Achieve joyful fat loss without deprivation
• Experience better digestion and energy
• Find empowerment and control around food choices
• Ditch the food guilt!
• Discover a new level of confidence and love for your body

• Take with you peaceful eating habits you can use through your whole life

This program includes:

• Twenty two inspirational video training’s delivered over 6 weeks providing simple yet effective tools to use before and while you eat for peace and weight loss WITHOUT dieting
• Daily challenges to make peaceful eating a fun part of your daily life
• BONUS access to my at-home favourite body weight workouts and stretch sessions that you can download and have for future use!
• BONUS access to my 7 days of Weight-Loss Meditations that you can download and have for future use!
Investment: Right now, I’m offering this whole programs for $49USD. Click here to find out more and grab your spot!
Remember there is always a 100% money back guarantee so no risk to you! If you haven’t taken one of my programs before, this is a great way to see what I’m all about and dive into your own journey at a fraction of the normal price.



“ I am not longer looking at weight-loss injections and plastic surgery to “fix me” as I have for so many years. This was $ well spent in my journey to wellness, the diet industry will miss me!”

-Maria Scigliano

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 4.01.54 PM

“Thanks to this course I actually trust myself and have freedom at meal times which is NEW and amazing! I thought you were joking when you said my body will tell me what it wants if I slow down and let it…you were right! I ENJOY eating now and have slowly stopped body shaming myself. I am now connecting with myself in ways I didn’t think were possible and I am a lot more positive. I am forever grateful for you and what you are teaching in this course. Did I mention I have already lost 9 pounds from the changes I have made to the way I eat (no diets)!!! I am below my pre baby weight! I love looking at myself in the mirror now. All thanks to you. “

-Carlyn Kimmitt, 25 years old, stay at home mom

“As someone who has struggled with body dysmorphia, anorexia and a huge lack of self love the Diet dropout has helped me immensely. I have been able to change my mindset, love myself more and deal with negative thoughts and help my fitness clients do the same. Hear more about Courtney’s journey here:

-Courtney Waterbury, owner of On the Go Bootcamp

 IMG_0016-1It honestly brings me to tears just thinking about how much you have changed me personally, emotionally and mentally. This coaching came at the exact time I needed it and was truly a godsend. I have been battling myself for years but especially since having 2 kids, and just never being able to figure out what to do to feel good about myself again. I’ve been lost for so many years. On our recent vacation to Maui I recall having extreme anxiety about what I would do when I returned home to conquer my weight this year. Having over 60 pounds to lose was daunting to me and I flipped through sites like weight watchers etc. while away, trying to decide the best course of action. None of them felt right and I kept having more and more anxiety during my vacation about what to do this year (and emotionally eating because of the anxiousness!). I had seen one of your posts on Facebook and decided to dig a bit further – and wow am I ever glad I did! I immediately signed up and will never look back. I have lost 5 lbs during the course and another 11 since then WITHOUT dieting! I don’t have anxiety over food anymore. I eat whatever I want just less and make healthier choices more regularly. I have become so aware of my emotions and triggers of emotional eating and finally feel confident at being strong enough to shut them down!

The key take away’s that stick with me from the course are:

Is this food choice going to nourish me and help me accomplish my goal with my weight loss, or make me feel crappy and lethargic?
I deserve this and will never allow anyone to tell me otherwise. I am beautiful and worthy and must set a great example to my children.
I love my body and I am strong.
Self love is NOT selfish and is mandatory to make me the best wife, mother, daughter and sister I can be.
What am I actually hungry for?
The information you provide is stuff I’ve never ever had an opportunity to explore. But what I want to emphasize is how critical YOU and your delivery is. You are absolutely phenomenal and completely relatable which was so beneficial for me. You are genuine, so intelligent, and should be so very proud of what you are able to give to this world. It’s a way better place because of you!

-Candice Almog, mom of 2

“Whatever you do…….do not put any more of your hard earned money towards diet pills, diet drinks, packaged foods, and any other diet “gadget” out there. It just doesn’t work!  Invest your time in taking Charmaine’s Diet Drop-out course… won’t regret it!  Charmaine’s positive energy and daily guidance through the 21 day course is amazing.  You will leave the course feeling enlightened and more in touch with your body and with your relationship with food!”

-Cheri Aubrecht

andrea rispler photo

The Diet Dropout program has freed me! Being in the health & fitness industry I am constantly bombarded with the new ‘in’ style of dieting or attempting to burn fat & shrink your waist line. The Diet Dropout program gave me the power to ignore the diet fads and consume what MY body needs to be nourished and healthy

We are all unique and through the program I was able to dial into myself and learn what I need to thrive including self-care, food choices, and lifestyle tweaks.

This program helped me lose weigh but really it did so much more than that. I view and show up in the world so much differently because I am happier in my own body

-Andrea Rispler

carolynI’ve lost a couple of pounds throughout the 3 weeks but more importantly, by waking up and paying attention I’ve avoided completely overeating and eating foods which make me feel miserable afterwards. Learning about mindful eating was key.
While recently on vacation, where I most often indulge, I chose foods which left me feeling good afterwards. By week 3 I didn’t go for the late night cereal 🙂 It was quite a break through. The way I speak to myself has also changed.  I no longer best myself up and find things to appreciate daily. The Diet Dropout is an entirely new and lovely approach and I will be recommending it to friends!

-Carolyn Wyatt

amber lachambre testimonails photo “By applying the mindful eating techniques that Charmaine shared with us, I was able to approach the Christmas holidays with more confidence and no stress around food. I ate what my body wanted, indulged a bit… and when I returned to the gym and weighed myself after a 2 week break, I was thrilled to discover that I actually lost 6 lbs. in the month with mindful eating! I am now able to ignore the January weight loss advertising, because I’ve discovered this approach and will never have to diet again. I am not at my goal weight but I now live in a body I love and respect. Thanks Charmaine!”

-Amber Lachambre

After taking the Diet Dropout coaching program I realized that there is no quick fBanffix, this is a life long journey.  I can now taste my food and I feel joy at meal times.  I enjoy sweets without guilt and shame.  My day to day stress has decreased because I take charge of my mornings.  I no longer worry about what I should eat or about every bite of food.  I know I am not broken I just have to keep making the right choices for me and stop stuffing my emotions deeper and deeper.  I have an action plan and guidelines that I created to remind me where I am at in this journey.

Thank you so much Charmaine for sharing your knowledge, passion and heart with me.  I am forever grateful to you!

Jenn Van Irdistine, mom of 3

Carolyn B

I’ve been through years of sports nutrition coaching, then counselling, then eating disorder clinics, and nothing has given me a healthy relationship with food. You have finally changed my way of thinking, and reset my relationship with food. I finally have BALANCE! I actually love and embrace my body now, Thanks for your consistent positive messages Charmaine. Your positivity has rippled though my life, and changed me for the better.

-Carolyn B

IMG_4894(1)When I looked into this program I wasn’t entirely sure that it would be a fit for me because I am not a dieter. But I saw how Charmaine had transformed and I was intrigued and wanted to know what she knew! I also am a fitness business owner and I am always looking to learn more and grow more in any way I can. So I dove in! And I could not be happier that I did! I learned more than I could have imagined! I realized things about myself that I never knew, or didn’t take the time to be aware of. I now have a completely different mindset about my body and food. Charmaine is one of the most loving, kind, and encouraging people I know! Her heart shines through every word she says and the information provided has the power to change anyone’s life, if you let it.

-Alexandria Arzie

Sheila Sosney

In 21 days Charmaine has taught me things that no weight loss program has ever taught me in my lifetime of attempting to lose weight. She has taught me how to pay attention to how I am feeling and how to deal with negative thoughts and emotions that used to always throw me off course and lead me turn to food. This is the opposite of a diet, no food plans to follow or the usual weigh in’s and calorie counting. Diets don’t teach you how to get to the root of why you are overweight so they will never work. I am so glad I see the truth now.Thanks to this coaching I am starting to be more positive and learn to love myself. Thanks for sharing your years of education and experience with me and changing my life. They say people come into our lives for a reason and I am so glad you came into mine. You were put on this earth to do this.

To anyone reading this and on the fence about hiring Charmaine as a coach, just DOT IT! This fresh and unique approach will allow you to be healthy and happy for life!

-Sheila Sosney

emily before and after

This course was refreshing and empowering. It allowed me to work towards eating mindfully and taking care of myself emotionally. It separated eating and emotions and gave tools to eat for the nourishment of my body and tend to my emotions in the way I needed. This is the first time in my life I have exercised and eaten healthfully with a joyful and loving attitude. I know this change is sustainable because it comes from a place of empowerment. Thank you Charmaine for walking me through this! I recommend this course without hesitation. Do it if you want to finally feel great in your body!

-Emily Burrell

“The work I have done in this course has transformed the way I think, act and feel about my body. Charmaine walks the talk; she is the real deal and walks you through every step of the way like a dear friend you’ve known for years.”

– Glenda K

leah-head-shot“The program has allowed me to learn and develop a happier relationship with myself and given me practical strategies and tools to establish new habits and overcome challenges/barriers that I am faced with when working towards healthy eating.”

– Leah Brooks

“I began the program after acknowledging the poor example I was setting for my daughter with cyclical dieting. An important internal shift has occurred for me and I am grateful.”

– Kathy J., social worker

dianne-mahura-testimonial-photo“Slim, young, and fit doesn’t matter. We all have body image issues. Charmaine’s course is a MUST for anyone looking to live a happier life and be at peace with their body.”

– Dianne Mahura

“What really surprised me and I was so happy about is that I have not cut anything out! Over the break we had big meals, buffets, pizza, goodies…and eating it mindfully, slowly, and not stuffing my face..made such a difference for my weight and enjoyment!”

-Shannon B

Hear what Georgia Smith  has to say about her improved relationship with food after taking the Diet Dropout:

“I knew that food was not the problem and diets were not the answer. I was ready to uncover the hidden gremlins behind my emotional eating. If you want a new way to look at food and yourself, to banish the constant chatter about food inside your head and to have practical, step by step take-aways to assist you in achieving these goals, this is the course for you. Thanks Charmaine…it has changed the way I view myself.”


“Charmaine is open and honest, she creates an environment that is safe from guilt, shame, or embarrassment. Not just another gimmick. She really wants to see people live their best life. I have never even met Charmaine but I feel like I have known her for years.”