Have you ever finished a meal and felt stuffed but not satisfied? You know the feeling – bloated, kind of sick, lethargic, but also like you’re still missing something? If so, you are not alone! Usually when we do this, it leads to all sorts of regretful feelings– “Why did I grab that last slice?”, “Why did I force myself to eat those last four bites?” – and feelings of guilt – “Oh my god, I’m trying to be healthy right now, why did I do this to myself?” and “I don’t have any willpower or self-control!”

It’s frustrating because we KNOW that eating four giant slices of greasy pizza isn’t good for us. Distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy food isn’t rocket science, and we are well aware when we are sabotaging ourselves, sometimes even mid-bite. But when we turn to the Diet Industry for help, we get some version of the same solution. All diets generally tell us this: You just need a strict set of rules, special meal plans, injections, or supplements to lose weight. The problem before was that you hadn’t found THIS diet. This time, you’re on the right track, as long as you don’t screw it up.

When we find this new Diet to End All Diets, we’re filled with urgency and a new powerful motivation to be better this time. This new diet looks sleek, and its lofty price just means it’s valuable, so we shell out our hard-earned money for it. We are determined that this time we’re not just going to be better; we’re going to be PERFECT, because we know that once we screw up, it all goes downhill. But a little voice deep down is poking us in the ribs and saying, “But what if I slip up again? What if I self-sabotage in the middle of my “500-calorie-per-day” diet, toss my snack of raw carrot sticks aside and wolf down a muffin instead?” This voice knows what going on, and it’s asking us the questions that lead to better answers, but we don’t really listen.

So what do I, Charmaine Ironside, have to say about this?

Hi, if you haven’t been here before, that makes sense because this blog is BRAND SPANKING NEW! I’m Charmaine Ironside. I had been waging a war against my body since I was 11 and struggling with my relationship with food for years and years before I finally got my life on track. It took many MANY diet attempts to finally ditch diets forever. The Diet Dropout was born. It is my single-minded goal to help self-sabotaging ladies everywhere experience joyful and sustainable weight loss by asking the questions that diets try so hard to steer us away from.

Using myself as a guinea pig, I learned all about mindless eating and realized this was at the root of all my issues.

What is mindless eating?

Mindless eating is eating when you’re stressed out, bored, exhausted from a day at work, seeking comfort, seeking routine when your life is in turmoil, and eating when you’re sad or grieving, among many other experiences.

The key here is that although we all live different realities, and are driven by different stresses and emotions, we all live in a society that perpetuates the “no pain, no gain” message and encourages us to achieve things by “pushing through the hard times.” Especially as women, we are encouraged to shove our feelings down in order to overcome our own self-doubt, stress, deep boredom, childhood trauma, and deep discomfort. We often shove our feelings by burying them with FOOD. We’ve all been here before… often we turn to sweet things, salty things, fatty things, or alcohol to numb ourselves from our uncomfortable reality and to make us feel a little better in the moment.

The question we need to ask is not what we’re putting in our mouths and how we can change that, but WHY we’re putting what we’re putting in our mouths and HOW that’s affecting our weight and our experience of life itself.

I would love for you to join me and my growing community on this journey to ditch the diets and say hello to a whole new way of experiencing yourself and your life that will lead to JOYFUL (not punishing) and SUSTAINABLE (not temporary) weight loss.

There are a lot of ways to do this.

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    day. I’m one of those expressive, passionate, “talking with my hands” kind of girl, so making videos is my favourite thing.
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Please find me in one of these avenues and share my videos and posts! I always imagine that somewhere out there is a beautiful, intelligent, fantastic woman who is searching desperately for a diet to purchase on the Internet. My ultimate goal is that she finds ME instead and changes her life. I need the help of my community to spread the word!

Thanks for reading!