Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 7.42.05 AMI believe that true and lasting change for most of us has to come by adding in nutritional tips that work for us slowly and surely until we have created a way of eating and living that feels easy and joyful to maintain.

Have you ever felt like people that can eat healthy and live in healthy bodies are different than you somehow? Well I want to say, they aren’t, they have just adopted habits that are sustainable and fit joyfully into their lives!

Below are some of the nutritional tips that our clients collectively shared last week and they are AMAZING. If you are looking for real nutrition advice from real people that walk the talk everyday and then definitely take a read and pick 1 or 2 to implement this week. Remember, information is only helpful in changing your life once you put it into practice.

The tips:

  • I’m finding I’m craving less if I let myself enjoy a small piece of cake or half a cookie instead of telling myself I’m not allowed to have that!
  • ‪I cut up and prepare my vegetables as much as possible as soon as I bring them home (like making zucchini noodles, cutting broccoli and cauliflower into pieces) so I’m more likely to use them when I’m tired
  • When I meal plan in advance for the week I tend to stay on track with healthy balanced meals. No last minute scrambling to invent dinner or resorting to take out.
  • I eat off a small bread plate instead of a dinner plate as I find it really helps with portion control.
  • I love intermittent fasting!  And, I’ve also figured out that I like to snack when I’m stressed, so I wash 6 heads if romaine each week, and snack on that! I even take a fresh head w me in the car some days! Weird I know, but I love romaine!
  • I have my ‘car’ water bottle and my ‘mobile’ water bottle that I carry in my work bag. Between these two I am able to consistently hydrate throughout the day!
  • ‪I usually feel really good when I eat high fat and high protein foods together like eggs and bacon and avocado together. I feel satisfied yet not like I have a lump in my stomach. Also I try to add a ton of greens/veggies to lunch and dinner
  • Years ago I told you that I love popcorn and you said can you eat that and a boiled egg? It sounds silly but I’ll always remember that. The point was, balance your carbs with protein so this is something I’ve always tried to do!
  • ‪Not allowing sweets that I don’t have self-control over into the house.
  • ‪By adding frozen avocado chunks and collagen powder to my morning smoothie, I get the fat and protein I need to fill me up until lunchtime.
  • I’ve discovered my healthy “treats” and I keep those around. Raspberries and almonds. I just LOVE them and they satisfy any sweet craving I have.
  • Having a water bottle at work is essential. The hospital is very dry, so on night shifts I start with coffee and then switch to water when that’s done. I often go through 12 cups of water on a 12 hour shift.
  • ‪Having a glass of water when I’m starting to feel hungry before reaching for a snack and keeping healthy whole snack such as fruit and nuts at work and at home. Have to agree with the frozen avocado in smoothies along with greens – way more filling that way and makes a good well rounded breakfast.
  • Lots of high quality fats and protein while intermittent fasting. My water goal everyday is 4L and keeping track of H2O helps me reach this goal.
  • For me, it’s protein with every meal. It satiates me and gives me energy. Eggs, chicken or fish!
  • When I think I need a snack, I have a big glass of water and wait 10 minutes to decide if I really need that snack.
  • I always bring a lunch to work, and 90% of the time it is a big salad with chicken or hard boiled eggs, feta cheese, Greek dressing (my fav!). Then, I know I’ve gotten my veggies in when life gets busy after work with kids activities, etc.
  • Having some ready made hard-boiled eggs and some salmon cakes in the fridge, makes it easy to whip up a lunch for work in the morning. I just grab one of each, a salad, an avocado and some carrots and hummus and I’m good until dinner.
  • For me it is having protein at every meal and mindful eating. Sitting down at the table and paying attention to every detail of eating. Initially this was very tough but gets easier and eventually addictive. I am also trying intermittent fasting as so far it is working very well for me.
  •  Meal planning is the key for me. I need a plan or else the craziness of the week takes over and I end up filling in meals with unhealthy choices. I try really hard to ensure there are lots of of veggies in a meal plan! But I admit, it is a big struggle for me.
  • I was terrible for stopping at fast-food joints when I got hungry out running errands….NOW I keep some almonds, healthy energy balls, and some cut up veggies in the car for on-the-go snacking! Makes a world of difference (also helps the wallet!).
  • Most Sunday’s I cut up a carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato and add snap peas and random other veggies and put them in 5 containers, one for every day of the week. Ensures not only that I get 2-3 servings of veggies per day, but that it’s not boring and I’m eating a rainbow. When I don’t do this I tend not to eat as healthy.
  • To consume the recommended amount of veggies, I am not a fan of salads, especially without dressing, I blend my vegetables into a smoothie. As a base, I blend celery, cucumber, large amount of greens and an avocado with water and a dash of Himalayan salt. I change up the greens each week, for a different flavour I add different herbs and a chili pepper. Also, it is very portable for those days that I am on the go.
  • If I take my lunch and snacks with me to work then I find I am better prepared to not wander down to the cafeteria and look for something that looks good. This would often end up with less than optimal choices (think chicken fingers and occasionally fries).
  • The intermittent fasting has been amazing for me!!! Nearly NO sugar cravings for me now. Also, I eliminated gluten – realizing now that gluten makes me have ridiculous mood swings!!! Mind body connection and reflection has been huge in this nutrition journey
  • To make sure I’m getting enough water, I fill a big water jug ( mine holds 2 1/2 litres) with water and lemons and leave it on the counter. I drink it throughout the day and refill as required. Having it on the counter is a constant reminder to drink.
  • Always have salad ready in the fridge and dressing made ready to go. Precut lemon in fridge to make me drink water!
  • I’ve got two things that have made a big difference for me. The first is always having a homemade salad dressing/vinaigrette on hand. So much tastier, healthier and so inexpensive to make. I can control the quality of ingredients as well. The second thing is totally giving up flavoured yogurts. Its plain greek all the time at my house with added fruit or chopped nuts or unsweetened coconut, sunflower seeds etc.
  • I add some essential oil drops to flavour my water bottles. This way I have healthy fruity flavoured water each time.
  • ‪I also buy the precooked whole chickens and add pieces to a salad for some quick protein.
  • ‪I seem to do well all day in my controlled gym and work environment but then I get home from work, hungry and tired and need to feed the family and the mindless snacking begins.So I have a nice glass of bubbly water and a hard boiled egg.
  • I find I’m starving by 4 or 5ish so eating half an apple with peanut butter at 4pm keeps me from continually snacking while I’m making dinner.
  • Having the ‘relaxed discipline’ of IF is working really well for me. “I don’t eat after 7 pm” makes there no decision to make if I feel like snacking in the evening. So I make a cup of herbal tea instead and drink that. I have a ridiculous # of different teas, but I feel like it was worth the bit of splurge on that to be able to drop 2 pants sizes!!

What tips are you going to try on for size this week? Feel free to email me at with your fave tips or questions and I will be excited to hear from you!