Speaking Testimonials

“Thank you Charmaine for your talk on Mindset. You are a true inspiration and your tips were incredible. As someone who gets up in front of a crowd and speaks a lot I know how tough it is – you are truly talented. As I get older, I’m learning that the more difficult roads are also often the healthier ones … and inspiring women like you make all of us stronger by leading through example. I’ve already implemented much of what you talked about (except the tip about ditching that damn snooze button). Thank you so much for sharing your story and for your helpful research and tips”

-Tasha E

nancy “Charmaine’s presentation was so enlightening to me. She inspired me to write down my goals, priorities and how I can accomplish my promises to myself this year. It was fantastic!!”

-Nancy Palmer


“When I was given the opportunity to organize a Corporate Fitness Challenge within my workplace, I jumped on the opportunity. Everyone in the group was able to participate with questions, experiences and hands on tactics such as taste testing healthy recipes that Charmaine brought in herself. I would highly recommend this experience.”

-Erin Piper
Estimator & Corporate Fitness Challenge Organizer

melissa1“Charmaine was invited to speak to our ‘gro’ community – where we “foster a culture of curiosity to gro and action ideas in a supportive, creative, intellectual, authentic space” – to share her tips for cultivating a positive mindset. Charmaine was an engaging, thought-provoking and interactive speaker. She was able to quickly capture the attention of our audience with genuine and intimate sharing of her experiences in overcoming significant adversity. The tools and tips she shared were credible and practical. The audience was engaged and delighted with the ‘hands-on’ elements of her talk and the framework to apply her teachings to ‘real life’ was very effective. If you are looking for change, I would highly recommend Charmaine as an excellent accelerator to support that shift!”

-Melissa Pockar
Founder – getgroing.ca and MoreSo Projects Inc.

“Charmaine generously agreed to offer us her time, expertise and experiences as a successful entrepreneur and former Team Canada snowboard athlete/Olympic hopeful. Feedback from students and staff of our High School was that Charmaine was very well spoken and engaged the audience by relating running a successful business with the qualities of being a high performance athlete. She made the topic of running a business fun and exciting and inspired many with her passionate delivery. With extreme confidence I recommend Charmaine for any number of speaking engagements. We will definitely be asking her to present again.”

-Jason Bogen
Student Empowerment Learning Leader for the Calgary Board of Education

“I really enjoyed Charmaine’s presentation this evening! I thought Charmaine was great and am so glad she made us write down the things we liked from the presentation and a plan to work these into our lives. I often come home from these things thinking it was great but have forgotten everything by the next day and don’t fully benefit. Thanks to Charmaine I’ve already started changing up my morning routines and it really feels great.”


leah-head-shot“Charmaine’s presentation helped me focus on where I am at and figure out where I want to go. I loved learning from Charmaine because she is so inspirational and passionate. My mindset is already starting to shift to a more positive and mindful way of thinking. Examining how I am spending my time in relation to what I value was very eye opening and I am excited to spend more time doing what makes life amazing going forward.

-Leah Macnamara

“I believe I have run out words to describe the effect you’ve had on all of us. Below are a few comments form parents and students:
“I loved the way she talked about “Passion”
“She is amazing”
“It was very inspirational”
“I loved what she said about not living your life in fear”
And the list goes on and on

-Bindiya S

“Charmaine is a very passionate, realistic and encouraging towards health and wellness. At our retreat she gave each of us individual attention and suggested to us various tools as well as examples of exercises to do at home and ideas to fuel our bodies properly. She then led us all through a moderate activity session requiring no equipment.

Char is a super “COACH” and her positivity is infectious!

One of her quotes that stuck with all of us,
“If you get the inside right, the outside will fit into place.”

Thanks Char for all your inspiration!”

Lorna Blair
Food for Thought Group