Simple tips for avoiding holiday weight gain

Hi!! I'm Charmaine Ironside, Love Your Way Light Coach and owner of Ironside Fitness studio’s. In this video I am excited to passionately share with you some super simple tips for avoiding holiday Weight gain that will have HUGE IMPACT. The diet industry doesn't want us to know this stuff because it profits by us staying on the Diet Rollercoaster and struggling constantly with our weights. No more! Not us! We are empowered now! The techniques I teach have helped my clients and myself release a ton of weight joyfully and keep it off! No feelings of deprivation here! If you have tried and failed at a lot of weight loss attempts I want you to know you are not alone and what I am going to show you is totally different than anything you have seen. My body transformation journey has been a challenging one too and it wasn't until I ditched diets and started to use a more loving approach that I started to really release the weight...and keep it off!! Transforming our bodies really has to be an inside job. When the inside gets healed and sorted out then the outside falls into place. It absolutely does. I want joyful body transformation for YOU and I know it is possible! Check out this video and any of my others for amazing, fun and useful tips to help you live your best life in your best body. If you like what you saw I also encourage you to get access to my FREE Video TRAINING SERIES! 3 Loving Techniques for Joyful Body Transformation here ▶︎ If you live in Calgary and would love to try a free week of super fun, super friendly, beginner-intermediate group workouts designed to help you burn fat, feel strong and fly by then just email to get started! Check out my shenanigans on INSTAGRAM ▶︎ I post a lot of awesome tips and Diet free ideas for weight release and living the amazing life here on FACEBOOK ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ The Love Your Way Light WEBSITE ▶︎ Peaceful Eating for Weight release program▶ Ironside Fitness WEBSITE ▶︎ For Questions and more information on how to work with me PLEASE EMAIL ME AT